OSPF Notes

I got my OSPF notes thrown into a word document today.  Between taking a few pages worth of notes per chapter, re-writing the notes onto flash/note cards, and putting all the notes into word documents, I think I’m able to retain the information a little bit better.

 I wanted to print out the mindmaps from itleak, but the office LJ is broken and I don’t have a printer at home.  I suppose I’ll print them next week. 

The game plan for the next week or so is to re-read a chapter a night and take as many notes as I can handle.  I’ll do my notecards and word docs and hit practice tests every day to see how I’m progressing.

I’m giong to try and get my lab equipment back this next week.  It means that I may have to start hosting study groups at the apartment, but if it gives me more labtime with my gear, then I guess it’s worth it.  I’m trying to sell off a handful of WIC-1DSU-T1 cards right now, too.  my frame switch has a ton of db60 serial ports, and the T1 WICs aren’t any good for that.  The problem has been trying to find someone who will give me a good trade in/purchase value for the T1 stuff. 



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