I finally broke down and installed dynamips on a machine.  realistically, I should get my rack back from Tony’s house and use that while I’m studying this month.  The issue that brings up is spending extra time while I’m at work doing labs.  It’s just as easy to setup dynamips on a machine at work and run through small labs and configurations just to memorize things.

 I must say, this is really cool.  I’m probably going to spend a day or so coming up with some .net files to match some of the lab scenarios from the CCNA/CCNP study guides and work through labs.  I may also get my study group setup with dynamips so they can do this stuff as well.

 As far as studying goes:  I’m in the middle of taking my thorough notes for IS-IS right now.  I’m having a much easier time remembering all of the info from the various protocols as I read the chapters for the third time, take notes, and type the notes into word.  I’m sure with a few weeks of lab time, I could go in and pass the BSCI exam with relative ease.

 For some reason, I’m still nervous about the exam, though.  I don’t quite know why.


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