finally have some time to work on some labs today.  I don’t go into work until later for an IP cut over this evening, so I’m taking a bit of time to work on labs and study this morning.  This is truly the first time I’ve really had to sit down and work through labs on my home gear.  I’m starting at the beginning of my BSCI study guides and working all the way through.  I figure I can read the chapters and take notes during downtimes at work and in the evenings.

I’m trying to figure out how to enable trunking on my 2500 AS so that I can put it on the backbone network for the lab environment, but still have it IP’d on my home network for remote access.  Either my google/cisco-fu sucks, or it can’t be done with this router.  If it can’t be, I guess I can use one of the spare 2610’s sitting off to the side to do the trunking and setup a NAT to the box.


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