I got through Chapter 4 of the Authorized Self Study guide today and completed the lab scenarios listed in the book. I’m starting to become more and more concerned about the labs provided in the book. The EIGRP chapter covered stub configurations and authentication, but there was nothing in the labs to cover the configurations on those. I know it’s easy to enough to do it myself, but I really feel the book should atleast have something more on that.

The OSPF chapters cover a lot on the NBMA modes of operation, but there is NOTHING in the lab section at the end of the chapter to cover the different configurations or modes for those. Again, there was nothing for authentication, either. My frame switch has 4 additional serial interfaces. I knew I was going to have to buy additional serial interfaces for the rest of the 2600’s, I just didn’t want to do it so soon. I guess I can build out a second mini lab to cover those kinds of topics w/o disrupting the rest of the BSCI topology.

Hopefully I’ll be able to make it through reading chapter 5 “advanced OSPF” and the labs before the wife gets home with the kids.


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