I finished up with the OSPF sections in the books yesterday. The Network Academy curriculum has a few specific labs on OSPF with Frame Relay. I’m going to use the remaining WIC-1DSU-T1 and WIC-2MFT-T1 cards with the additional 2600’s I have to create a smaller mini lab for the rest of the OSPF/Frame Relay stuff. I’m trying to leave the base topology intact for the time being.
The OSPF topics and information seems to be sticking this time around. I’m not forgetting things a day or two after reading them. I’ve fixed some typos and other errors in the word docs I uploaded previously. I’ve got those printed out and I’m going over them daily.

Since I don’t get much lab time in during the week, I figure I’ll just keep reading on and taking notes. I’ll spend Saturdays running through labs and taking as many debugs and dumps as possible. From there, I can go back and look through the books to answer any other questions I have. I’ve also started looking through the UniverCD site just to get familiar with it and answer questions that aren’t addressed in the books I’m using.

I told my boss, today, that I was going to need a morning off this month. I’m going to try and knock this exam out in the next two weeks. I’m getting irritated that I’m not through with this entire cert, yet. For the most part, I’ve had the time.


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