Made it through IS-IS and the labs this evening. My wife’s done a decent job of keeping the kids out of my hair long enough to get me through all of this.

I also looked through the Network Academy curriculum and chapter test for IS-IS. I ran across a question that I didn’t see covered in the authorized self study, and the answer in the Network Academy quiz seems wrong to me.

Observe the diagram. The administrator requires the IS-IS adjacencies to authenticate so that no unauthorized routers will create adjacencies. Which command is required for an area to authenticate?

A. area-password password
B. domain-password password
C. area # authentication password
D. isis password password

The diagram had R1 and R2 connected over fast ethernet with R2 connected to R3 over a serial link. It didn’t specify IP addresses or area information. According to the curriculum, the correct answer is D.
Of the four answers, A makes the most sense to me, since the question specified area authentication. B is specific to the entire routing domain, while C is slightly incorrect syntax. (the syntax would be area # authenticate snp send-only or validate). D is specific to the interface. Anyone who might read this, can you clarify for me?


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