Trainsignal BGP

I made it through the four videos on BGP from Trainsignal yesterday. I think the total length of that section was about 4 and a half hours. WOW. Those videos covered a LOT more on BGP than either of the books I’ve read. I was really surprised to see that I was missing/lacking that much on BGP. Hopefully that will help increase my scores on the BGP section on my next BSCI attempt.
If I can wake myself up a little bit, I am going to start the multicast videos this afternoon. I’ll spend some time doing labs over this weekend and try to make another attempt at the exam next week. I’m starting to get nervous about taking it again. blah. I have a ton of notes on IPv6, IS-IS and BGP that I need to throw into word docs/outlines and get posted. having those notes for OSPF and EIGRP helped me a lot. I need to focus on getting that stuff all into electronic format for my own study purposes.


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  1. Hello
    This is Mohammed Abdul Vakel the purpose of my message is that i wants to know whether nuggets for ccip is available if it is please let me know. [BGP : 642-661
    MPLS : 642-611] . Please do the needful and reply me earliest.

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