oh noes!

I can’t find my notes!

I think I may have a week to sit back and recover from all of the stuff we’ve been doing at work.  Consider this the calm before the rest of the storm.  We’re cutting over our corporate campus (including new gear AND IP addressing) the first weekend of June.  There is a ton of prep work that needs to be completed, but I am running on empy and need a small break.

I’m taking off early every day this week to be home with my daughters while my wife goes back to work in the evenings.  I was hoping to be able to study a bit at home, but things haven’t panned out that way.

I’ve been sitting here staring at my monitor, trying to get motivated to watch some additional videos this morning, and it’s not working out very well, either.  STP is just SOOOOO boring to me.  Unfortunately, I know the basic concepts behind it.  I just need specifics, and sifting through videos and text chapters to get the info I need is a bit difficult.  I’m going to have to suck it up. 

As a distraction, I was going to work on putting my BGP, Multicast, and IPv6 notes into word docs.  I just opened up my notebook and it’s ALL gone.  I’m hoping the stack is at home next to my rack.  If not, then I have something to work on for the rest of this week.



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