To whom it may concern:

Jonathan Kintner suffered a terminal brain aneurysm yesterday morning, shortly after he woke up.  He was pronounced brain dead at 3:45 pacific time, and donated his organs shortly afterwards. He is survived by his wife, Maria, their two daughters: Weslee and Aurora, and numerous family and friends. He was 27.

Jonathan Kintner
September 5, 1980 – May 10, 2008



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  1. I am very sorry to hear this. I only know Jonathan thru this website and email but he was always very enthusiastic and nice in his correspondence.

    My sympathies to his wife, Maria and your kids.


    Scott Skinger

  2. Jon will be greatly missed. 😦

    – Deanna

  3. My prayers go out to the family of Jonathan. I didn’t know him personally, but was an avid follower of his blog.

  4. My prayers are with you and the girls Maria. I used to work with him at Coast. The time he spent on earth touch the lives of so many. God bless.

  5. Please accept my condolences…

  6. Very sorry to hear this tragic news. I only knew Jonathan briefly though our shared passion for networking. My sympathies to Jonathan’s family and friends.

  7. I just found this blog today and I was shocked to read the news. I found this blog linked from someone else’s blog and started reading from the middle. I was just about to leave him a comment asking if I can link his webpage on mine.

    My prayers go out to Maria, Weslee and Aurora that the good Lord will provide them comfort.

    May Jonathan rest in peace

  8. Verry sorry to hear this news. Please accept my condolences. God Bless.

  9. Please accept my condolences. God Bless.

  10. Sorry for your loss Maria.

    Rest in Peace Jonathan.

  11. My condolences. May you rest in peace. +

  12. […] July 6, 2008 While I was getting caffeinated this morning I surfed over to Lessaid’s excellent netvibe CCIE blog page.  I saw a post on Jonathan Kintner’s blog titled “To Whom It May Concern” from a month ago.  I thought that maybe he was giving up on his quest for the CCNP (and later the CCIE).  I was not prepared for what I found when I clicked the link. […]

  13. Since the day i knew about this tragedy, i have Jonathan in my daily prays. Please acccept my late condolences.

  14. I am truly sorry it took me this long to come upon his blog :(. I am truly sorry to hear about this. Please accept my condolences as well.

  15. Rest In Peace…

    My Condolences with your family.

  16. My condolences on your loss. My prayers are with you.


  17. May the Lord be with you & your family as you go through this journey of grief. Rest in Peace Jonathan.

  18. hi
    just visited site when searching .

    may lord be with you and your family as u go through this . rest in peace jonathan

  19. I am truly sorry for your loss. Please accept my condolences to you and your entire family.

  20. Rest in peace…!

  21. my father has suffered from anuerism, im his favorite daughter & when he went into coma its like half of me died. i may not know how painful it is but all i know is that i prayers will comfort you, cry if you must but also be thankful that you where able to spend few years of your life with him & you guys have wonderful kids how i wish i had the chance of my life to be with the man i have love so much.
    i have loved someone for so long and it bacame a secret until i lost him, he is my best friend, i thought that our friendship might be ruined if i permit & tell him how i feel. for 1 decade of friendship we never had a chance to tell himhow i felt, deeper than friendship until i lost him completely. He died when he covered & protected me from the accident. his spine was hit by the truck i only got injured but only minor, theraphy & painkillers is all i got but he died when his spinal was hit and it was internal hemmorage. i wished that day he didnt cover me so that we died together, but he risked his life for me. his bestfriend.thats what i thought, not until his wake when his parents hugged me & told me that their son loved me from the start. And that he is only waiting for the right time on my birthday to propose to me keeping him grandfathers engagement ring in his room for me. i miss him so much the pain kills me inside & if only i could marry him on his last breath i would. and its my birthday this
    26th. and its already 5 months of struggles. i hope everyone can learn from me. love & take the risk

  22. This is terrible, my condolences.

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