I hate it when I cut cables wrong and don’t check them before I need to use them. I cut a T1 x-over cable for the T1 WICs I have sitting around and didn’t bother to check it. I went to use it tonight and I have the wrong 4/5 pin pair. All of my tools are at work, so I’m down a pair of T1 WICs for tonight’s labs. oh well.

I was able to run through a few frame relay OSPF labs tonight. Had I bothered to read further into the chapter 5 labs, I’d have seen that they covered different operation modes for frame relay OSPF. I understand the concept of virtual links and how to configure them. We’re using MD5 authentication for OSPF at work, so I’m familiar with that configuration. I’m suddenly having a much easier time remembering LSA types, modes of operation, specifics for the modes, and other wonderful details.

I’ve made it through most of the Integrated IS-IS section in the authorized self study book. I’ll follow that up with the exam study book, and labs this weekend. Actually, I should try to make it through the redistribution chapters in both books before the weekend, as well. I’m expecting some training materials from Trainsignal this week. I’m going to load those videos onto my PDA and listen to them as I’m on my way to work every day, and use any free time I get at work to go through the videos some more. I WILL be ready for this exam by the end of this month.

Slightly OT: my wife wants to have one more little person sometime next year. If I’m going to do the IE, I’d better do it soon. I’m going to shoot for the written by December of this year, and pray that I get at least one attempt at the lab by the end of next summer.



I got through Chapter 4 of the Authorized Self Study guide today and completed the lab scenarios listed in the book. I’m starting to become more and more concerned about the labs provided in the book. The EIGRP chapter covered stub configurations and authentication, but there was nothing in the labs to cover the configurations on those. I know it’s easy to enough to do it myself, but I really feel the book should atleast have something more on that.

The OSPF chapters cover a lot on the NBMA modes of operation, but there is NOTHING in the lab section at the end of the chapter to cover the different configurations or modes for those. Again, there was nothing for authentication, either. My frame switch has 4 additional serial interfaces. I knew I was going to have to buy additional serial interfaces for the rest of the 2600’s, I just didn’t want to do it so soon. I guess I can build out a second mini lab to cover those kinds of topics w/o disrupting the rest of the BSCI topology.

Hopefully I’ll be able to make it through reading chapter 5 “advanced OSPF” and the labs before the wife gets home with the kids.

OSPF Notes

I got my OSPF notes thrown into a word document today.  Between taking a few pages worth of notes per chapter, re-writing the notes onto flash/note cards, and putting all the notes into word documents, I think I’m able to retain the information a little bit better.

 I wanted to print out the mindmaps from itleak, but the office LJ is broken and I don’t have a printer at home.  I suppose I’ll print them next week. 

The game plan for the next week or so is to re-read a chapter a night and take as many notes as I can handle.  I’ll do my notecards and word docs and hit practice tests every day to see how I’m progressing.

I’m giong to try and get my lab equipment back this next week.  It means that I may have to start hosting study groups at the apartment, but if it gives me more labtime with my gear, then I guess it’s worth it.  I’m trying to sell off a handful of WIC-1DSU-T1 cards right now, too.  my frame switch has a ton of db60 serial ports, and the T1 WICs aren’t any good for that.  The problem has been trying to find someone who will give me a good trade in/purchase value for the T1 stuff. 



I’ve been studying off and on for BSCI all year.  I was hoping to have the exam out of the way by August, and never got there.  While working at Option One Mortgage’s DR facility, I spent most of the days trying to study and playing freecell.  Here I am in November and I still haven’t taken the exam. 

I did hit a milestone last night.  I finished the Third Edition Self-Study Guide from Cisco Press.  I haven’t been doing a whole lot of labs, as my lab hardware has been sitting in a friend’s dining room.  I spend about 5 hours a week at his place working on his CCNA.  I may need to pick my rack up this week so I can start running through the labs. 

I understand the topics pretty well.  I can look at configs, understand what’s going on, and why things are the way they are.  My issue with all of the practice tests has been configuration snipets here and there. 

I finish up with my Bachelor of Science Program at UofP next week, so that’ll give me a bit more time each week to study.  I’m going to run through the self-study guide one more time in the next month as well as the Exam Certification Guide and take the exam by the end of December.

I’m already pretty comfortable with EIGRP concepts and functionality because my previous two jobs were EIGRP shops.  I’m struggling with OSPF LSA types and the modes of operation for each layer 2 technology.  I’ve taken pretty thorough notes on it.  I just need to study them.

I need to go back and take better notes on IS-IS, route redistribution, BGP, and multicast.  I think I can handle that in a month.