is-is notes

I have taken a ton of notes from the Authorized Self Study Guide and from the Trainsignal videos. I think I’m at about 50 or so pages between the two sources. As an extra review, I’ve been working on moving my written notes to word docs. I already did that with OSPF and EIGRP (although I’ve updated my own doc files since I posted the originals). I just finished my IS-IS notes, and I’m getting started on BGP, redistribution, and multicast.

I am attaching my isis notes to this post. At some point, I’ll probably create a single post that I will attach all of my notes to. I’d like to take some time to add some small lab scenarios to my notes with config snippets, as well. I think that helps to solidify things and gives me additional visio/configuration practice.



studies have been on hold

I started this blog in early december hoping to post more frequently.  I don’t want to use this for any personal business, but the month of december was a pretty crappy one.  Needless to say, studies have been put on hold for a while.

 A good friend lost his 3 month old son to  SIDs the week I created this blog.  With my daughter being just 15 months old, it really hit home. 

December 19th, my home was broken into and robbed while my family was home.  We didn’t hear the intruders until they came into the master bedroom.  Needless to say, that has taken up much of my focus over the last few weeks.