My Home Lab

My home lab currently consists of the following:


2 x 2610

2 x 2620

1 x 2610XM

1 x 2611XM

1 x 2620XM

1 x 2621XM

1 x 2651XM

1 x 2811

1 x 2801

1 x 4500  (frame switch)

1 x AS2511 (access server)


2 x 2950

2 x 2950T

1 x 2970

2 x 3550 (1 inline power)

1 x 3560 PoE

1 x 3560G PoE


the full rack

bulk of the routers



One Response

  1. Hi there.

    Just came across your blog, and saw this picture of your home lab. I too have a home lab, and I have been in the market for some sort of remote way of turning on/off the entire lab, are you using any sort of remote accessible power distribution system?

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